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19 Year-Old ameliarose releses "Goliath"

Are you ready for something new, something dark, something mysterious? Well, hold your breath, and get ready to be shaken to your core with ameliarose’s new release “Goliath.” At only 19 years old, ameliarose has cast a spell on what it is to be a teenager coming into adulthood. It’s no surprise ameliarose is from New York as her lyrics are filled with artistic yet edgy nuance. Just like the city, she keeps you on your toes with “Goliath.” Some of her biggest musical influences include strong female rockers like Fiona Apple, St. Vincent, and Arlo Park.

Drawing from the story of David and Goliath from the bible, ameliarose compares her lover to the giant as their relationship carries clouded judgment, which she is more than capable of handling. She knows what she’s dealing with as she sings “Uh oh, my goliath, your bark is stronger than your bite. Uh oh, my goliath, my heart is heavier than your mind is.” The song makes the listener feel like they are able to take down any barrier in their relationship. There is a heavy rock influence with the electric guitar though the song begins and ends softly, this precise decision could represent ameliarose’s control on the situation. She has the voice for rock, and she’s going to make sure you are paying attention to what you are hearing. Her use of “uh oh” in a high pitch voice is like an alarm going off in a crowded theater. She’s telling you a story, and you will hear it.

By: Michaela Norton


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