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A New Genre-Blending Song From Scarlett Sno

Scarlett Sno releases her second single “Umbrella” along with the imaginative music video. She combines elements of multiple genres into her signature eclectic style, keeping the listeners on their toes and waiting to see what she will surprise them with next. Singer-songwriter vibes dominate the vocals until the R&B comes jumping out into the open. The visuals of the accompanying video follow her vision of genre mixing as the elements bounce between dark and colorful.

Originally written as part of the Next New Creator North America Competition for BTS, Scarlett makes this her own creation. Artistic freedom is what Scarlett thrives on and uses her songwriting to express the intricacies of human emotion. With influences ranging from Evanescence to KPOP bands, Scarlett is not afraid to experiment and break the traditional genre mold.

“Umbrella is a powerful heartfelt pop electronic song about wanting to protect the ones you love from the storms in their lives.” ~ Scarlett Sno

Scarlett Sno is a pop rock artist, songwriter, and composer born and raised in Kansas City, MO. Currently, she is based in Nashville, TN. Growing up, she learned violin, taught herself piano and guitar, and experimented on DAW software. Scarlett is known for writing her own lyrics and collaborating with a production team to make songs from scratch. Through her music, Scarlett strives to explore the complexities of human emotions: love, loss, mental health, happiness, courage, etc. Scarlett's voice has been called the Tim Burton version of Amy Lee. In 2017, she made it to the final rounds of Usher’s first annual Megastar competition.

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