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A New Pop Number From Lucy Dye

Singer-songwriter, producer and performer Lucy Dye delves into the beauty and

restlessness of club culture on avant pop offering number “Crystal Eyes x Diamond Minds.”

With euphoric yet melancholic vibes led by dreamy synths, hazy beats and bold yet laid-

back vocal lines, the atmospheric production strikes an intricate balance between the

seeming joy with sobering vulnerability as the realization of consequences from a party-goer lifestyle sets in.

Inspired by her exposure to the nightlight of various cities across Europe, “Crystal Eyes x

Diamond Minds,” is the first ever track produced by the rising musician, the first draft of it

coming to life while she was sat in production class in BCFE Dublin.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track she says, “I wrote some of the lyrics walking

home alone at night from partying and then I ended up finishing the track back in Germany, reflecting on my experiences with the club culture and my friends back in Ireland - a very free and reckless, but also most eye-opening time for me.”

Having honed her song writing and vocal skills by working with other acts like backing

vocalist for German fame Ayliva, this promising talent continues to push sonic boundaries

moving from techno-influenced productions to lush dream pop, and everything in between within her expansive, cinematic music style.

By: Malvika Padin



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