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A Song About Internalized Homophobia

By: Amanda Epstein

London based alternative-folk duo Naz and Ella are releasing the first single off their upcoming EP on February 10th. Titled “Internalized”, this track takes a look inside.

Naz and Ella sing about something that members of the LGBTQ community knows far too well. That fear of coming out and owning their identity. Homophobia comes from multiple places, but one of the worst is when it comes from inside yourself. The fear can sometimes feel like it may be all in your head, but it can be a large barrier to get through.

The track starts off on a somber note, and takes the listener on a journey. In the beginning the song is about not accepting yourself and the internal turmoil that can cause. The end of the song, on the other hand, sees the singer accepting themselves and feeling “the shame melt away”.

The duo create great harmony in the choruses and convey the feelings in the song. With catchy and pointed lyrics, this song will get stuck in your head. With the simple melodies in the music, the message of the song can come through. The acoustic guitar comes into the chorus adding depth and layers.

This is a duo that pays attention to the social issues and has no issue funneling their thoughts into their songs.


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