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An Evening With Eva Under Fire

I’ve been to many rock shows, but this is going to be part of my history. I took my 15-yr old niece to her first show to see one of her favorite bands open for Bush. Eva Under Fire is one of those bands I introduced her to and she instantly became obsessed. When I found out they were coming through town on a weekend I was going to be there, I knew I had to take her. Eva and crew did not disappoint. Their energy and stage presence were incredible that night. From the iconic onesie Chris was wearing to the light-up shoes Eva had on, it was a show. Highlight of the evening was getting to sign Eva's pants. If you look closely you can see those white pants have signatures all over them.

After she show we met up with Eva and followed her back to the green room so we could chat for a bit. That was the icing on the cake to the night for my niece.

My niece and I talked to Eva about her upcoming short film. When asked about the inspiration behind it, she said “everything”. This is the story of her life and having to deal with her parent’s addiction struggles. As a young girl she knew that her parents didn't have a lot, but what they did have was love for her. From her father introducing her to music to giving her the first of many microphones she would own in her life, showing he was the “cool dad”. There is beauty in the pain is a message that she wants people to get from the film. Addicts are labeled as addicts and people forget the “humanity” of these people. They have lives and families, and we need to remember they are humans too, not just their label.

Eva Under Fire has released their debut album, a deluxe version, and multiple independent EPs prior. Through it all, they continue to give us hard-hitting originals and their own take on some cover songs. “War Pigs” is a great one on their album and a cover of “Before He Cheats” coming out soon with Kayla King. Apparently, that song has been in her audition and karaoke song file for years. She commented that the covers can be an inspiration for original music, in the way that they are so iconic and catchy. A cover, though, does limit what you can do with the song because you want to stay true to the original. Some people say that it is blasphemy to say that a cover is better than the original, but we will let you be the judge of that.

Another cover they want to do?

If you ask Chris, he’ll joke “Barbie Girl”. Can you imagine? That could be very interesting. “Eva Under Cover” can be heard from the peanut gallery of Chris and Ed. A cover they haven’t officially done, though, is “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles. Now I kinda want an “Eva Under Cover” EP full of covers.

When asked about her favorite thing about performing live, Eva said “Ahhhh! The energy of the crowd for sure”. She was specific about ahhhh with 4 H’s. Having other people feel the music and sing it back to her is where she finds that connection.

Her biggest supporter has to be her mother. She learned to live her life authentically and show Eva what truth can look like. Her parents made it so that Eva and her brother didn’t have to lie to their parents and could just be themselves. 2004, when she joined her first band, there was not a big presence of women in the rock world, and that authentic life allowed her to push through the boundaries and make her own path.

How have the fans supported the band over the years?

“With fire in their hearts, to the ends of this earth and even after the world shut down”. The fans have such a passion for the artist and the other fans. The music brings them together and transcends location, time and demographic.

She may be incredible with music, but does she have other talents?

She’s double jointed and can wiggle her ears. And yes, to answer her question, that does count.

Highlight of her career?

Easy! Joe from Halestorm called her on stage to sing “Rock Show” with Lzzy. No backing track, no prep, no in-ears monitors, no warning, she jumped and went for it. The song that speaks to her. Joe saw her singing every word in the empty stadium during sound check and knew to bring her up. Lzzy was complimenting her and praising her for being able to sing that song without being able to hear herself.

Touring is a constant adventure and it keeps things interesting. Eva did say that being on tour has made it so she appreciates her home more. She said you do have to be careful where you put things and you’re going to lose something at some point.

As we’re talking, in walks Chris. More like bombards in, but that’s typical for him. The resident “pain in the ass”. We would end up physically running into him multiple times through the night, to the point where he jokes about trying to get rid of us. Ed joined us for a bit, too.

Her favorite color?

Orange. Was not expecting that, but now black/orange hair has crossed her mind.

Favorite song to perform live?

Comatose. There was no pause or hesitation in that response.

Festivals or concerts?

Festivals. People are “primed and ready to rock” and start lining up hours ahead of the gate time. The energy of a festival is like nothing else.

Check out Eva Under Fire

By: Amanda E and Bethany KH



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