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Beautiful Skeletons Release The Kraken

Words have power, and people forget that. Female fronted hard-rock/metal band Beautiful Skeletons is going to use their words as weapons to tear their opponent down from their high horse. Words can be the most powerful weapon in battle against untruth and oppression.

With a voice that is both hard and melodic, lead singer Tina Firefly, drives home the point in the song. Her smooth voice against the heaviness of the music is a brilliant contrast. The drums and guitar build on each other to create a song that is full of strength and purpose. Punching up the intensity to really drive the meaning and passion in the song.

This is one track that we could not sit still through. It will be stuck in our heads for weeks to come.

A simple, yet visually beautiful video comes with this release. We see a girl being physically weighed down as she tries to navigate her way through the forest. She struggles to overcome her bonds and finds beauty in the nature surrounding her. This symbolizes the fight to break free from oppression and the things that are holding her down. It leaves me asking what is in the chest she’s dragging. Could it be her power?



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