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BellaDaPrima is "Alone In The Night".

Canadian musician BellaDaPrima reflects on themes of insomnia and sleep

co-dependency on catchy single “Alone In The Night.” With an anthemic

soundscape and strong vocals rooted in a fusion of R&B, pop and hip-hop, the

track transitions from smooth rap into an infectious chorus.

Drawing inspiration from the singer Courtney Green’s personal experiences

with sleeplessness when surrounded by stifling loneliness, “Alone In The

Night,” is dedicated to anyone who grew up alone, without the warmth and

security of a house full of people.

Green herself struggled to fall asleep if she didn't have anyone in the next

room or in the same house and with this intimate number she hopes to strike a

chord with anyone affected by loneliness. 

From falling in love with music as a toddler to nurturing a genre-hopping

sound spanning themes of personal change, addiction, healing, forgiveness,

and resilience under her BellaDaPrima, Ontario-native Courtney Green has

come a long way and there’s much more to come from this rising act who is

set to push her creative limits even further with her experimental, dance-

worthy musicality.

By: Malvika Padin



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