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Brooklyn Forbes Releases First EP "Egoic Illusion"

Singer-songwriter Brooklyn Forbes has finally released her long awaited EP at the end of August, 2021. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, but based in North Carolina, Forbes’s main interest lies in psychedelia, folk, and alternative music styles. Her newly released EP, Egoic Illusion, may only be a 17 minute, 5 track release, but she perfectly captures these interests plus her skill in being a multi-instrumentalist and a singer-songwriter.

The opening track, On My Way, provides a dreamy sound that can be listened to on a night drive, whether you’re on the way to see a special someone or just going for a ride. The track features synths and vocals that are groovy and set the tone for the rest to come. The vocals and instrumentals come together in a blended mesh of psychedelic tones with airy vocals. The opening track leads into Curiosity, the second track and lead single of the EP.

Curiosity starts with gentle finger-plucking guitar notes with Forbes’ harmonizing with herself, which proves to be a beautiful feat. This record could strike a chord with it’s listeners, being dramatic but at the same time, gentle and angelic in a sense. Listeners will also hear Brooklyn’s skill with folk singing and playing an acoustic guitar. While the first track had more blurred lines involved, this track leaves plenty of space for the vocals.

The acoustic guitar and folk tunes still ring in your head as the next track fades in, titled The Ashes. This gentle and slow moving sound features cleaner instrumentals, leaving room for Forbes’ soulful voice to focus on the heavy lyrics this track features. This track also features an almost haunting section of harmonies done by Forbes herself.

Continuing from the haunting vocals from the previous track, Forbes continues the EP with a track titled Hostility. With a riveting piano track behind her vocals, Forbes delivers yet another haunting tale through a song. Her voice echoes along with the chords of the piano, making for an emotional realization of some sort.

Last but certainly not least, the last track of the album, titled Echo Chambers, enters a singing Brooklyn Forbes in a bassline heavy, but still dreamy tune and centered around her folk roots. Hints of psychedelia brings this track to a full circle, just like we were introduced to during the first track On My Way.

What makes this Egoic Illusion EP unique is the way it easily flows from one song to the next, and you would never know that it has an end with the way it smoothly transitions from the last track back to the first. Forbes’s attention to detail is undeniable, as you can hear the multiple layers she has given to her records. According to an interview with Ohio college Miami University, Forbes wishes to stay true to herself and to her craft.

“That would be my dream,” said Forbes. “To be doing my own thing, never conforming to anything and staying real to me.”

Considering the project that Egoic Illusion came to be, Forbes is sure to be on her way to her own version of success.

Check out the album here

By Cee Janai


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