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Dräger Makes A Hit With New Single “Are We Gonna Make It?”

Dräger’s ability to take uncomfortable concepts and package them in incandescent hard-hitting songs is what makes him so eccentric. Brooklyn-based artist Dräger combines genres like post-punk, indie-rock, psychedelic, and synth-pop through the lens of a new-wave attitude; creating a hodge-podge of ideas that seamlessly blend together. The ability to move effortlessly through genres speaks to his outstanding musicianship, and “Are We Gonna Make It?” is no exception.

Every couple at one point asks the potent questions, “are we going to make it through this? Is this meant to last?” Dräger tells the story of an estranged romance, coming to the cross-roads of going their separate ways, or trying to grow together. He speaks on the subject, “This song is about the doubt that leads to asking the hard questions,” he states, “in wondering if there's a future even though you’re in love and your lives align” Although the theme of ignorance is bliss is evident, Dräger understands that sometimes love isn’t enough to keep a relationship sustainable, and that ultimately it takes a willingness to be uncomfortable in the midst of change.

A cadence like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers over lucious pads, an acoustic drum set, and the robotic language of synths becomes “Are We Gonna Make It?” Dräger’s grovely voice consistently drives a melody that mirrors the arpeggiated synths which makes the listener groove along with him. His leads are high above the natural kits bringing seemingly unassociated to have a common purpose- aligning analog and digital with ease. When he goes into falsetto in the chorus it breaks up the consistent melodies of the verses and brings the listener into a whole new section of the song, with a hook you can’t help but feel enthralled by. The atmospheric wall-of-sound brings the listener into the storyline, and you can almost see it laid out in front of you. A soundtrack to a 90’s rom-com where you are rooting for the main character to return to their one-true love, this song paints a picture in a way only he can.

Dräger is the perfect example of the new wave music that has preceded him. His quirky and humorous approach, combined with a DIY attitude, is tied together with challenging the listener with hard concepts. It is no surprise that he is the sole visionary in this project and does everything himself from the writing, performing, mixing, and mastering, ensuring his ideas don’t get lost in the process. His music is so easy to listen to, it almost makes the listener forget the heavy themes of vanity, a society consumed by technology, and the tumultuous journey of love.

Listen to Drager here, and support them on socials here.

By: Ariha Vaquera


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