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Fox Revett has released his latest single, “Twice.” The song is about a two-timer who always keeps you second guessing, thinking “twice” about your decision to stay or leave. “Twice” is available on all streaming platforms this Friday, April 14th. A music video will also be released on Fox Revett’s Youtube channel.

Revett plays with flirtation and frustration through the catchy pop soundscape. His rich, reverbed vocals contrast nicely with the harsh electric guitar and sharp snare drums, creating the perfect sound to blast in your car with the windows down as you drive into Spring and leave your past behind.

“This song has been cooking since the fall of 2021! At the time, the style of the song felt like too much of stretch for me as a pop artist, but over time I realized that I was holding myself back from something quite special,” says Revett. “I think 2022 was a big year for me rediscovering my self-confidence, and BOY does it shine through on this song.”

“TWICE” was written and produced by Fox Revett and Adrian Morningstar (Birds of Bellwoods), mixed by Jack Emblem (Daniel Caesar) and mastered by Idania Valencia (Sam Smith).

Fox recently produced on hit “Let Lose (Andrew’s Angels Edition).”


A choir boy gone rogue, Fox Revett is a fast rising LGBT singer and music producer. His upbringing in classical music, coupled with his deep admiration for classic singer-songwriters, sets him apart as a pop musician. Since his debut in the fall he has been profiled by GRINDR, produced for multiple artists across the world, and begun work on his debut mixtape. Fox is working with Canadian music heavy-weights Adrian Morningstar (Birds of Bellwoods), Jack Emblem (Jesse Gold, Daniel Caesar), and Vic Florencia (Olivia Rodrigo). Fox’s powerful voice has been compared to Sam Smith and Troye Sivan; his upcoming music features his sharp toothed lyricism and his signature bombastic production style.



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