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Glow & The Dark is a fun, short, self-titled EP

Glow & The Dark, a project by AJ Peacox, just released their self-titled EP. This EP consists of 6 short tracks, including the 2 singles “Kickstand” and “Sunshine Is Boring”. Peacox teamed up with drummer Jordan Krimston to create this release. What started as a fun way to make music, has morphed into this fun and upbeat collection of tracks.

Post-punk style music, in the realm of Bowling For Soup and Green Day, comes in short bursts. While the tracks are less than 2 minutes each, they do not cut corners on sound or quality. “LXL” come in with hard hitting drums and guitar before dropping into a much quieter sound of guitar picking and softer singing. It punches back up and takes the listener on a music trip.

Ever heard a song about rescuing a skunk? No? Well, let’s change that. “Kickstand” is about rescuing a baby skink from a dirty coffee cup. Sometimes the quirkiest things make for great songwriting. This is the latest single off the EP, having dropped about a month ago, ahead of the EP release.

The rest of the 5 tracks are just as fun and energetic as this one. Give this EP a listen and lose yourself in the music. It is evident that this whole project was done in fun, and that only adds to the overall feeling of the tracks.

By: Amanda Epstein


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