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Grenon Released "Sick" Off Their Upcoming EP

By: Caitlin Rose

“Someone call the doctor / ‘Cause there’s something wrong with my brain / I don’t need a pill or bandaid / Just a break from feeling insane”. There’s something captivating about the Grenon single “Sick” from the moment you hit play. Lead singer Kacie Grenon’s voice is charming and unique in a genre still dominated by male voices. My favorite thing about this jam is that it sounds so upbeat and makes you want to dance despite the lyrics, which are all about what amounts to being sick and tired of being sick and tired. The bridge and chorus are absolutely the biggest strengths of the song, although it doesn’t seem to have any obvious weaknesses. If you’re sick of feeling like everything is your fault and in a spiral of self-doubt, Sick will let you know that you’re far from alone.


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