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IONIKA’s ‘Perfect’

By: Victoria Davies

Eddie Cai, better known as IONIKA, is a multi-talented artist born in New Jersey. Working under the genre of electronic, hip-hop, and pop, he's involved in the entire creative process by not only rapping but producing, mixing, and mastering. On top of his creativity, he ambitiously ventured the music business by founding Generation Wavy label, which also signs other artists such as Ashley Claire and Shiro Shiba.

IONIKA recently released a single called 'Perfect' featuring 808 Carter. The track explores a different vibe compared to his previous work. Although he began producing with dance influences such as Skrillex and Avicii in mind, 'Perfect' has a hip-hop and pop flavour. 'I think my biggest influence for this track was Jay Park,' he explained in The Queue Magazine interview. 'He's probably one of the biggest Asian R&B artists I know out there.'

Cai combines his rap with his singing capabilities as well. "This track definitely is different from everything I have ever put out. I used to stick to pretty basic rapping, only utilizing my voice to spit rhymes rather than melodies. However, as time went on, I realized I had the capability to 'perfect' was the best track to start experimenting on."

The song's instrumentation has a euphoric ambience, with sparkly pads tickling the top end. The vibe gathered similar influences from old-school R&B music when Ne Yo and Usher were at their peak. However, his voice is comparable to Drake, a current pop star who's charted over a billion streams.

When focusing on the lyrics, the contradiction between Carter's and IONIKA's verses illustrates people's different experiences. It gives a very well-rounded perspective of how an individual may feel during their nights with their partner. The melody also has noticeable sustained notes as part of their chorus topline. What an excellent strategy! It makes it easier for the audience to memorize the song, allowing them to hum the tune once the track finishes quickly. I particularly enjoy the ad-libs as it fills up the piece and doesn't drag the melody.

Great job on the collaboration, IONIKA and 808 Carter. Can't wait to hear more!


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