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Joe Probert “Redlights”

Joe Probert aka Joe Probert is many things. Singer, songwriter, gardener, cowboy, a 26 year old songwriter and drummer, growing many sweet soul-drenched funk pop fruits from his love nest in Auckland NZ and playing all the instruments himself.

‘Red Lights’ is the latest of these slack-rocking, funk-slaying juicy nuggets to be plucked from Joe’s tree of songs. Its irresistible sweet, sweet nectar luring Taran Stormes Martino, Kake, and Tim Goldsworthy to share their talents in this intergalactic cowboy throwdown, inspiring them to be the heroes they were born to be.

Formerly a gardener in Bristol, UK, before recently moving to Auckland on a mission of love, Joe has learned a lot about gradual cultivation. Pruning his own style of soul drenched funk pop with producer Taran Stormes Martino, fruits began to ripen.

Since learning drums at age 12, Joe has found inspiration from soul legends, slack rockers and funk slayers. Laid back, relaxed and eating kiwis skin on Joe hopes to touch hearts and move feet.

Redlights’ is the new release and the single will feature remixes from Tim Goldsworthy and Bristol-based DnB pioneer KAKE.



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