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JoshuaOfEarth Releases Nature-Inspired EP

By: Caitlin Rose

I’ve always said I wasn’t a fan of music without words, but JoshuaOfEarth’s new ambient rock EP just might have converted me. I know I’m not the only one having a rough year (or month, week, or even day, am I right?), and I have to say, zoning out and letting the music sort of fill in the gaps around me was relaxing in a way I didn’t expect.

Each of the five songs on the EP has a different feel, from rough and upbeat to sort of classic rock-esque. They all seem to tell a story, often starting off quiet and growing slowly until you can’t quite remember how softly they began.

The real magic is in the fact that this is a solo project. Josh Landau is playing all of the guitar riffs and drum solos that you hear. The instruments blend together seamlessly in the finished project, guiding you through different sensations and emotions using only different combinations of sounds.

Pro-tip: If you’re feeling particularly anxious or like a giant stress ball (AKA me, all the time), I recommend just putting “A Morning Walk Among the Trees” on repeat for ten or twenty minutes. You’ll feel like a new person.


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