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KAPRI sings about the valuing money over everything in her new single “Dollar $ong”

By: Amanda Epstein

Polish-born singer, Kapri, released her latest single titled “Dollar $ong” on September 25th. It is a catchy song that takes a hard look at the value people place on money in the world. She sings about how some people value money over the people in their lives.

The track was produced by Anthony J Resta and mixed by Karyadi Sutedja. This combination of talent was responsible for influential music from the last 30 years. Along with Kapri’s songwriting, they helped to create the bop that is “Dollar $ong”. Butch Walker joins in on electric guitar, as well as Bruce Watson (Foreigner) on acoustic guitar.

Kapri sings “You’ve got all this wealth to burn, but maybe even more to learn”. She explores how the subject of the song values money over her and being present in the world around them.

There is a fun bean in the track that is reminiscent of the pop of the 60’s. There is, unexpectedly, a brass section in the instrumentals. A surprise to the ears, but gives the song that little something extra. The simple drum beats are crisp and catchy; it makes the toes start tapping.


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