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San Jose’s Maya drops a headbanging single, “Sangrando” via Shark City Records. This single makes me feel like getting into the pit, especially now that people are able to go to shows again. The opening riff gets you pumped up and ready to throw down in the pit. Sangrando translates to bleeding, and the opening call to “fight”, only intensifies how perfect moshing would be to this song. Even their single artwork adds the tone of the song. The artwork is inspired by their Mexican roots and the warriors the indigenous people were before the conquistadors. Through their music, they hope to connect more with the local Latinx hardcore community and beyond. For Maya, “Sangrando” is only the beginning of what’s to come. I highly recommend listening to this song anytime you need an extra boost in energy during the day. It got me pumped! Make sure to keep up to date with Maya by following them on all socials.

By: Arlene Vivar


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