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Mystery Rose Premier

Mystery Rose is a teenager who looks at a music career a bit differently. She isn't about the fame and recognition of being in the spotlight. Instead, she wants to share her music with the world and touch her listeners on an emotional level. She just released "Stability" on January 29th. This song is a mix of slow and emotional lines that are punched up with the upbeat chorus. When that relationship ends, you feel shaken and confused. Your stability is gone. Mystery Rose lends her unique sound to this familiar feeling.

We had the opportunity to chat with her a bit about this unconventional approach to a music career and the latest release.

Where did the inspiration for this track come from? Was it a personal experience?

“Stability” is about break-ups and how it affects both sides. No, it was something I thought of but did not experience.

How long have you been playing music?

I received a guitar for my 10th birthday and I was singing a bit before that. However, the guitar gave me the power to compose and create my own music.

Where do you find your musical inspiration? Your sound is a quirky mix, but it works so well.

I am lucky that my ability to imagine situations in my mind allows me to come up with cool sounds and lyrics for the songs.

What is your recording process like?

The first things I think of are lyrics and the melody. Then I compose it with my guitar, then I share it with my producer and we set up metronomes for the general feel of the song and drum sounds. I sing a scratch, and from there we have our regular studio musicians come in and record the song. Following that, I lay down my own vocals, back up vocals, and harmonization. Then, if there are going to be any instrumental solos, they come into the studio and record so they know exactly where their part will fit in. My producer, Dan West, is a very talented instrumentalist and arranger. He manages the studio musicians. It sounds complicated, but it is a very efficient process, and we have done it over 40 times. I have a large catalog of unreleased songs I may use for licensing. I am fortunate to have a great team of people I routinely work with.

What prompted the desire of wanting to remain hidden?

I feel at my age, being a celebrity can be toxic, and I really just want people to enjoy the music and not focus on the performer of it.

That attitude is a fresh change from the masses.

Find the new track here


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