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R&B Duo SYTË release "Up In The Air"

Kosovo band SYTË have an exciting upcoming collaboration single, 'Up in the Air', featuring singer, Qendresa set to release on April 30th! Following the release of their 2020 album' Divine Computer', the song addresses the struggles of not knowing where 'home' really is — a concept resonating to those who live with divided identities such as third culture kids. Although STYË can write the message with a heavier tone, they keep the song light, playful, and easy to follow.

Accompanying the tune is a music video directed by Lau. It was a beautiful montage of old-school film and modern footage. It primarily features lead singer Nita Kaja and Qendresa travelling around New York and Prishtina, Kosovo. Filled with moves and smiles, the artists created a fun atmosphere that suited the song's relaxing vibe very well. It also wasn't set in a particular studio or home setting. They moved around the streets, the bus, and different corners of new areas to re-emphasize the uncertainty of home.

The production of the song is almost a fusion of R&B and indie-pop. The combination of drums, bass, and synths keeps the groove up and brings out the head bob! The musical arrangement and diction also flow very nicely. It's simple to hum and catchy to remember. Overall, a great track. We are wishing you a successful release day!

Check out the video that came out on 4/30

By: Victoria Davies


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