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"Same Old Reasons" out from Jamie Wooding

Pop-Rock singer-songwriter Jamie wooding just came out with his new single “Same old reasons”. Written by wooding himself, this song creates a calming essence with relatable lyrics accompanying it. Starting with Jamie’s lyrics and layered guitars and synthesizers it eventually builds up with thumping bass and live drums creating a calming atmosphere. This song is written about how sometimes relationships may not always last. As stated by Wooding “It's about realizing that you're not right for everyone and that's ok”. Residing just outside Liverpool, Jamie Wooding started his career by busking and eventually was able to create music with Grammy nominated Robin Schmidt. With “Same old reasons” coming out April 22nd, it will eventually be accompanied by a beautiful live version dropping on May 6th. Jamie Wooding looks to be a star on the rise which an active music lover should definitely look out for.

Listen to the track and check out the music video

By: Alexa Rose


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