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Samuel Hunter Bursts on the Scene with New Single “Power In Me”

Samual Hunter is an electro-pop newcomer on the scene sparking the interest of those around him. A London based producer, sound engineer, and multi-instrumentalist, his credentials make his music a complex and infectious product. In his new song “Power In Me,” we get a glimpse into all the fascinating music to come.

Hunter’s raspy vocal tone creates a sense of unease to highlight the subject matter opening with the line “I’ve been wasting away in my day dream.” Hunter discusses the feeling of losing oneself and slowly slipping away from what makes them who they are. A concise repetitive set of lines creates an atmosphere where the expertise in production can shine through. A collaboration project with producers, Oska Zaky & Taliesin, they come together to make something as hypnotizing and intriguing as possible. Straddling the line between electro-pop and dark-pop, they use elements of creative vocal processing, distortion, and phasing to consistently surprise the listener with something new. The deep 808’s and huge saws mirror electronic music, and echo throughout the song, ringing right in the middle of the mix.

Hutner’s sound is bold, dark, and refreshing. In a genre that thrives on repetitive dance melodies, he finds a way to honor that sound while also introducing contemporary ideas that make his songs stand out. This song can make you ponder as well as groove along with him in this slow pop sensation.

Listen to Samuel Hunter here, and support his socials here.

By: Ariha Vaquera


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