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Sasha Chaa Puts Us Under A Spell With Latest Release "Abracadabra"

Bilingual North African musician Sasha Chaa drops upbeat number “ABRACADABRA,” delivering an empowering message of walking away when you feel taken for granted.

Sonically, the melodic offering whips up an intricate blend of Amapiano (African drums), pianos and strings, with sleek R&B undertones weaving through, the fierce track is built around Chaa’s playful yet sultry vocal lines that move seamlessly through English and French lyricism in her signature vibrant style.

Giving off peak self-confident girl power vibes, the summery track vows to walk away

from love that isn’t reciprocated.

Speaking of the message behind the feel-good track, she says, “The importance of

not being taken for granted, and not be afraid to cut ties, "Abracadabra" means "I

speak, As I create", and telling someone I'm done and I'm gone, just like the magic

saying "ABRACADABRA" I truly disappear!

Inspired by her past and pulled by the need to express her emotions in French upon

her return to Montreal after eight months in LA, “ABRACADABRA", oozes with the

nostalgia and emotion of being back to the place where her music career kicked off

in 2013.

One of many stepping stones in a musical career set to be lit up by relatable views

on self-love, personal growth, relationships, Sasha Chaa is an act to keep your ears

and heart open for.

By: Malvika Padin



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