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PORTLAND, OR | NOVEMBER 11, 2022: To Bloom drops their official debut EP, A Healing Kind of Pain, out on November 11, 2022. This EP contains a total of four tracks; "We Can Never Go Back To Arizona," "Wander," "Marionette (Feat. Joey Holiday)," and "Scarlet (Feat. Dylan McBride)." To Bloom has slowly blessed the world with three out of four elevated tracks so far and an official music video for "Wander." Debuting with the EP is "Scarlet," which features Dylan McBride of the Lilac Kings. This new single showcases the band’s unique sound with a steadily escalating dance between guitars and drums before blooming open to showcase Lopez-Vargas’ impassioned tenor. A Healing Kind of Pain elevates the band's early post-hardcore sound to a vast expanse of vocals and instrumental layers that match the depth of the band’s lyrical themes. To Bloom has received critical acclaim for their impeccable musicianship, intimate songwriting, and blistering live shows.

“Produced by Jamie King and five years in the making, A Healing Kind of Pain delivers a dizzying rush of frenzied guitar hooks, irresistible grooves, and soaring, ethereal vocals that appeal to fans of Metal, Prog-Rock, and Post-Rock alike..” - To Bloom

At its core, To Bloom is vocalist Bruno Lopez-Vargas and guitarist Kevin Payne. They had been collaborating musically and creatively since their high school days back in 2010. After the ebb and flow of numerous projects spanning more than a decade, the duo finally feels that they’ve found their voices with this endeavor. The name To Bloom pays homage to the musicians’ growth over the last 12 years – a project that finally captures their true vision and stylistic direction. Bassist Sean Dawson and drummer Logan Gardner, two local musicians with extensive experience both live and in the studio, are the newest members of the project. They provide a strong foundation for the band's dynamic sound, thus allowing the project to reach its greatest potential.

To Bloom will be performing at the Infinity Room in Salem, OR on November 13, 2022, and at Hawthorne Hideaway in Portland, OR on November 12, 2022. Get your tickets to both shows at the door. Make sure to stay up to date with everything that To Bloom has coming up by following them on Instagram.

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