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Betty Bee -Editor-In-Chief, Managing Editor, Design & Art Director, Photo          




Graphic Designer, Production


Amanda Epstein - Editor, Writer, Music and Creative Editor,

Research Assistant

Amanda is a lover of music and a contributing writer for multiple music publications. She has written interviews, reviews and features. When she is not working, she can be found traveling to catch live concert, discovering new artists, and learning to play the guitar. Based in Maryland, she travels around the country to where the music takes her.


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Stephen Jacuzzo-Writer, Sales,Ad Sales Manager

Stephen is a NYC based Writer and Musician.  With working at Restless Music Magazine, He combines his passion for music and writing. 


Cee Janai - Writer

Just a small town girl with big city dreams. Aspiring music publicist, writer, and photographer. You can find me taking photos or networking to find opportunities! 


Arlene - Writer

Arlene “Telly” Vivar is a Bronx Native that relocated to Yonkers, NY. Her work has been featured in Tom Tom Magazine in the past. She currently works under Whoa, That’s Fresh PR as a Publicity Manager and is a stage manager for the Taking Back Queens stage at Punk Island. When not working you can usually find Arlene watching anime and attempting to play video games like League of Legends and Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Follow her on IG @tellymaggot


Summer - Writer


Summer (she/her) is a Chicago-based writer, photographer, and editor. You can find her at the barricade, on tour, or doing homework at her local college coffee shop


Tiffany Kendall-Marcy  -  Photography

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