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Alt rock single 'My Illusion' by Electric Circus

North East-based alternative rock outfit Electric Circus have released their brand new single 'My Illusion' today! They've previously been covered by From The Strait, Rock Era Magazine, RGM and Roadie Music to name a few and we're looking for some more reviews, playlists and radio stations to spread the news on this new release!

Following a successful run of country wide gigs in ‘22, the band have been building on the success of their first four studio releases, which have been causing a stir in those looking for something edgy, with roots which cradle a number of influences from 80's rock through pop and back-to-basics blues.

'My Illusion’ once again delivers a heavy rock vibe, with the band opting for a grittier sound, this track has an element of mischief running through it. The music sits heavy and powerful, with ample space for the extra seasoning the band has added in post production.

“The brief for this song was essentially ‘Coyote Ugly’. We wanted to create something a little bit dirty, rough and out-law-ish. The story through the lyrics is essentially about the cat and mouse of dating, being misled, not knowing where you stand with someone and sometimes the power struggle that short term, fiery encounters can have. It’s also about just being out there and having a good time which kind of echoes the idea of fleeting moments from AFAS [‘All for a Stranger’], I guess that’s part of our ethos really, just enjoyment in everything.”

“'My Illusion' has probably been our favourite end product so far, once again Lee at In Heart Studios has delivered a great mix, it’s safe to say he’s our go to, he just gets it. This track was our first opportunity to let Ry flex his Morello inspired gadgetry, which adds a really cool element to the song; he pulls it off live as well and it melts faces every time.”



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