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Amanda McCarthy Has The Courage To Walk Away

(click picture to listen)

Amanda McCarthy released her latest original single today. As an artist known for her songwriting and story telling abilities, this song does not disappoint.

The wavering pattern initial notes let us know that something is coming. We don’t have to wait long for the strong music and the urge to dance.

Just because you grew up in a town, doesn’t mean you have to love it. They call them hometowns, but what happens if that town isn’t quite home? That is what Amanda sings about here. When a town changes, “threw away the beauty and became what you are”.

Finding the courage to walk away and leave a place that was toxic can be hard and traumatizing. When you become the “main event” of your life, you find the power to do what you need and don’t let them stop you from walking away.

The music cuts out to punch up the strength as she sings.

“Life’s a brutal teacher, I’m resilient. This ain’t no double feature, cause I’m the main event”

That feeling of self-love, self-confidence and truth. Much like singing about an ex or leaving a toxic relationship, leaving the town that was full of drama was a choice she had to make. She’s changed and found her own strength and is willing to leave. She’s packing her bags and leaving, but will look back at the memories in the small town and reminisce.

Instrumental components of a song can be just as powerful as the lyrics if done well. The way this ends highlights the message and drives home the emotion. As the music stops she continues to sing with a strong visual of her turning from the camera and walking away, leaving us looking at her back.



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