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Erica-Cody gives us "Cry Baby"

Irish R&B icon Erica-Cody delivers a stunning remix of fan favourite number “Cry Baby” which delves into a message of prioritizing your own well-being and working hard to find inner confidence and self-love. 

Delivering a refreshing take that builds on the uplifting feels of the original, we’re offered a sped-up and hard-hitting version that urges us to realize our worth and cut out those toxic individuals without guilt in an effort to protect your peace.

Rooted in Erica’s signature eclectic style that blends melodic sonics with a bold voice and thoughtful song writing, we’re once again led along on her intimate experiences with heap of emotion that strikes a chord with anyone listening.

With phenomenal success behind her, Erica-Cody has established herself a force to be reckoned with each confident step she makes in the music industry.

Connect with Erica-Cody : Instagram | TikTok

By: Malvika Padin



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