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Find Your Pride With LGBTQ+ Artists

A Monrovia native and up and coming hip-hop artist who not only writes all of their own lyrics but has taught themself to mix and produce their songs. They are influenced by Lil Kim, Black Moon, Souls of Mischief and more to create a sound that combines the jazzy vibes of the east coast with a west coast flavor. Gaining the attention of news outlets such as Left Bank News and SoCal Indie, LovelyOcean's honest and poignant lyrics about life as a queer, black person are securing their place as a prominent voice of hip-hop.

Michaela D. Jordan has been a vocalist, songwriter and guitarist for 20 years and brings

all of these talents to their project The Sea Tease. Primarily performing as a power trio with Jordan at the helm, The Sea Tease was formed in Philadelphia in 2015 and is currently based in Los Angeles. It has been described as Led Zeppelin meets Adele. Michaela D. Jordan has performed internationally, highlights including The Whisky a Gogo and Viper Room in Los Angeles and Club Dauphine in Amsterdam. The debut album, Resilient, produced by and featuring Fernando Perdomo on bass, has gained international radio play and press. Resilient was followed by a live album as well as two singles, a cover of Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin and Slipping, an original.

Since their inception in 2012, Connecticut indie rock powerhouse Bonsai Trees has been making their mark on the alternative music world. Bonsai Trees has amassed over 1.9 million Spotify streams with their addictive brand of raw emotional songwriting and energetic rock hooks. Bonsai Trees -- lead by vocalist James MacPherson with a rotating live band of talented musicians, are back doing what they do best: touring relentlessly across North America; and writing heartfelt-yet-witty indie-rock bangers.

Born in Upstate, NY where he first started his career, and now recently relocated to Los Angeles, Vince Palmeri is an up and coming force in the LA music scene. Inspired by the bold, and hook-saturated sounds of the Max Martin era pop, he makes emotionally charged, hi-octane music. Vince Palmeri's music is hard to put into a box. He channels influences from pop, dance, rock, to create a new sound unlike anything on the airwaves right now. His music is as eclectic as it gets, and it's his range as an artist that he prides himself on. Just in his top 5 songs on Spotify, tracks like "Infatuation" or "It's Not Me, It's You" are club-ready grooves that you can bounce to from the first listen, while ballads like "3:32" or "Scar Tissue" show a more vulnerable and complex artist. He's been performing live since the age of 13, and has most recently played iconic venues on both the East and West Coast such as The Bowery Electric (NYC), and The Viper Room (Los Angeles).

Semler (aka Grace Baldridge, all pronouns) is a queer indie-folk singer/songwriter that addresses the hurt, healing, and growth of growing up queer in the Christian faith through humor and heartfelt lyrics in her music. Following the success of their previous EP Preacher's Kid, which made Semler the very first openly LGBTQ+ artist to reach #1 on the Christian Music iTunes charts, their previous EP Late Bloomer once again reached number one. Covered by NPR, The Washington Post, and Out Magazine, to name just a few, both projects are beloved staples of the welcoming family Semler has created through their TikTok (197.5k) and identity-affirming music.

A queer-feminist singer-songwriter who has an opinion on everything. From LA to Boston to Nashville, Julia Jade has brought her penchant for introspective storytelling and songs of social conscience everywhere she’s gone.

Jade creates quirky, piano-based indie pop with something for everyone— thought-provoking lyrics for the dreamers and witty/sarcastic one-liners for the skeptics. Her style is most notably equated to those of Dodie, Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, and Kate Nash.

It is nearly impossible not to sing along with this suit-wearing femme who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

BRAZN is a hyper-pop artist and producer based in Philadelphia. Combining experimental and commercial pop elements, they make music that highlights the emotions you feel throughout the queer experience - sadness, euphoria, confidence, and vulnerability. As a queer person themself, they strive to empower the listener to be different and stand out from the crowd. Their music ranges from topics of embracing emotional vulnerability to chasing a confident, carefree life interlaced with hypnotic melodies that will have anyone up and dancing.

RØSES is a queer, US based singer/songwriter and composer originally from the UK. After releasing her first single “Self Destructive” in December of 2020, she is now working on a narrative-driven series of singles and instrumentals, opening with her latest release, "Creatures''.

Drawing inspiration across genres, from Rush to Iron Maiden, Paramore to Flyleaf, each of the six members brings their own unique style. Their songs aren’t just music, they are lush with poetry, an obsessive dedication to technical skill, a perfectly fit puzzle of timbre, and a sound that refuses to be ignored. Vocalist Lexie Hannah fills her captivating vocal melodies with lyrics that touch on relatable topics: fighting the internal battles of struggling with who you are and what you feel, empowering word-craft that inspires, and existential explorations of what it means to be alive.

Sunsinger is a progressive metal band established in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 2017. Their sound is a contemporary blend of progressive and melodic elements combined with in-your-face riffs and breakdowns tucked neatly under vocalist Carrie Brum’s range of operatic high notes down to guttural screams. Guitarists James Frost and Chris Prendergast alternate from building pillars of sound through distinctive rhythm and lead pairings to quick and impactful harmonies. Bassist Dvstin Black brings the heavy with slamming bass power, bringing chunky rhythm stabs and chaotic tapping passages into the mix. Drummer EJ Gellar is an absolute monster, keeping the constant speed up with fast drum rolls mixed into the mathy time signature switchups.

Sarah Peacock did what most youths do: she performed in the church as part of band and choir, as well as in stage musicals in high school. Forbidden to listen to any secular music, it wasn’t until much later that she sought out popular music.

She mixes all genres to create an Americana sound unlike anything else. Her brilliant songwriting, heartfelt storytelling and powerful voice come together to take listeners on a journey through their emotions.



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