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Global touring artist Jordan Asher’s latest single, Beautiful Torture, illustrates the complex dance between love and madness. Available on all major streaming and download platforms, the song, written by Asher, Joie Scott (Collin Raye, Shania Twain, and Jim Peterik) and Michael Phillip Taylor, was crafted under the production mastery of Alan Parsons (The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Ambrosia and The Hollies). “Beautiful Torture started as a chord progression that I stumbled upon while doing vocal warmups. Part of my routine is to sit at the piano and just start playing. After I was sold on the progression, I hooked a solid melody and first line – ‘Hold on a minute, I'm about to let it all go.’ That line held a passion and angst for me, and it was my jump line. It's the story of two people so unlikely and opposite of each other but somehow so perfect together. I wanted to tell the story of what that relationship might feel and look like. The back and forth in one's thoughts, the vulnerability that we feel when we find the real deal in love, and the impulse to run away and run towards this love all at the same time,” says Asher. Stream Beautiful Torture now at: Asher passionately sings: “Hold on a minute – let me take ya to the other side That girls got me spinnin’ in a rhythm makes me beg for my life Her smile, her touch the drug that’s in her kissin’ Gonna ride that high, undeniable addiction Love like this, love like this, love like this is Beautiful torture.”

Asher's music has already won over some of the best in the industry. “Jordan is one of those rare originators who genuinely captivates an audience with his gift and abilities as an artist. He has a determined attitude and never gives up. He is a great talent, excelling as both a singer and a songwriter.” – Alan Parsons, Grammy winning, multi-platinum and gold album producer, engineer and recording artist (The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Ambrosia, The Hollies, and many more) "Jordan Asher is music heart and soul." – Michael Peterson (singer/songwriter with 15 global #1 hits, cut by Travis Tritt, Deniece Williams, Timothy B. Schmit of The Eagles) "Jordan Asher is a one of a kind artist and human being. His thoughtful writing, production and vocal styles pull from my favorite decades of popular music. I’ve had the pleasure of singing background vocals on some of Jordan’s latest singles. I couldn’t get the tunes out of my head after I left the studio…..FIRE!!" – Tabitha Fair (background touring vocalist for Sting, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, U2, Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Elton John, Jennifer Hudson and many more) "Jordan has a dedicated vision for sonic success. The flow and presence of Beautiful Torture has reminiscing characteristics of classic rock while undoubtedly pushes the creative future. I look forward to seeing Jordan’s continued achievements.” – Christopher Thomas Ericson (Multi-platinum certified mastering and live sound engineer and sound designer having worked with Kehlani, G-Eazy, Chance the Rapper and Solange Knowles)

About Jordan Asher: Jordan Asher is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter. He is best known for his work with the Grammy award-winning producer, engineer and performance artist Alan Parsons. In 2019, Asher appeared as a featured vocalist on tour with Parsons, both internationally and domestically, performing one of the charting hits from Parsons' new album, The Secret, which Asher is also a co-writer and featured vocalist on. Amongst Asher’s solo material, he also wrote and performed the title track The NeverEnding Show for the live in concert DVD, Bluray and vinyl global release of “Alan Parsons Live In The Netherlands: The NeverEnding Show”. Jordan graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences with studies focused on sound engineering and record production. After graduation and time spent in the production environment, his inherent passion and love for singing became the forefront of his focus. After a year of cutting his teeth at East Iris Studio in Nashville, TN, Asher decided to move back to California where he and his best friend and renowned drummer Danny Thompson formed their own original band. Currently, Jordan works closely with producer Alan Parsons in his newly built state of the art studio ParSonics located in Southern California, where they are recording new and original material to be released. Jordan resides in Nashville with his wife Tabitha and their two cats.



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