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Japanese metal band View From The Soyuz share massive new single and video “Caligula”

Today, Japanese metal outfit View From The Soyuz have shared their massive new single “Caligula”. Serving as the second song off their upcoming EP, Immaculate, the track is highlighted by bright and brutal guitar riffs and ends with an absolutely crushing breakdown. The accompanying video focuses on detailed performance shots capturing the band’s technical prowess and chaotic energy.

Speaking on the track, the band stated:

“It is based on Caligula, a Roman emperor who was once a great ruler but was assassinated due to his insane policies and cruel deeds. The song lyrics take from his story that people will pay the price if they live for their own selfish desires. Musically, there is a coldness and depressive melody reflected in the song that is mainly influenced by Scandinavian melodeath, metalcore, and Japanese hardcore bands from about 20 years ago.”

Based out of Tokyo, Japan, View From The Soyuz are making a world-wide impact with their blend of modern metalcore and melodic death metal. Formed in the Summer of 2021, the band is composed of vocalist Masa, guitarist Nari, bassist Sima, and drummer Shunsuke. Making a mark with their debut EP, In Misty Path, the band followed it up with a string of standalone singles in 2022. The band now teams up with North American label DAZE for the release of Immaculate, out February 10th. Quickly becoming a staple in the Japanese metal/hardcore scene, they have already opened for international touring acts like Unearth and Xibalba. With the release of Immaculate, the band set out to create well-constructed, aggressive songs that will have them starting 2023 on a high note.



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