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Jenna DeVries Releases "December," a Heart-Wrenching Holiday Single for Anyone Feeling Alone

Singer/songwriter Jenna DeVries releases her new single and music video for "December." The single is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Riding the success of her previous rowdy single, “Drunk Girls,” alongside Harper Grae, Jenna DeVries takes a more vulnerable approach on her latest song, “December.”

At the outset of “December” soft sounds of piano commence. The listeners are transported into Jenna DeVries’ description of love, loss, and longing for the life she knew before. As the season begins, she remembers that the holidays are just another reminder that those moments are no longer. Jenna DeVries discloses her feelings of grief through her powerful vocals and heart-wrenching lyricism. She belts, “No, we'll never go back to our Decembers with the twinkling lights/when the world outside never felt so bright/I remember how you made me feel like the magic’s real/Like time stood still.” Jenna DeVries displays a great passion for each song in her discography. Her voice flawlessly projects each emotion intended to convey. Whether it be a fun, country pop anthem like “Drunk Girls” or a heartbreaking ballad, like “December,” Jenna DeVries makes each song her own. “I wrote December the first Christmas I spent without my family. I needed a way to really grieve all the ways my life had changed - for better and for worse. It is a strange feeling to go through the holidays celebrating when your heart is broken. I know so many other members of the LGBTQIA+ community experience that feeling. Or anyone who is suffering a loss over the holidays… I hope this song gives people an outlet to grieve and to really feel those feelings. I hope it helps them feel less alone.” - Jenna DeVries

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