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Lost Trees Complete Their Luminescent EP With Release Of Final Single “Northern Lights”

Florida post-hardcore band Lost Trees finish releasing their lustrous EP today. Luminescent consists of four unique singles, “Dissolve”, “Poison The Well”, “Cascade” (ft. Micheal Barr of Volumes) and today’s release - “Northern Lights”. The newest single packs a punch, leaning into the experimental new sound they’ve carved out for themselves. Vocalist and guitarist Jonny Fafa had this to say about their final single:

“‘Northern Lights’ was written about ending an abusive relationship for the sake of your own mental health. The song immediately kicks off with an upbeat back and forth between both vocalists - a characterization of the difficult process I went through when making this decision for myself. The chorus is the moment of realization; I cannot fix this person, and I cannot salvage the relationship. We view it as one of our strongest and most straightforward songs, and can’t wait to share with our old fans, and reach new ones!”

Jonny continues,

“Our EP ‘Luminescent’ is the light at the end of a tunnel in which we felt we were trapped. The pandemic was a turbulent time for the whole world, and we reached a point where we questioned if continuing the band was the right thing for us. Ultimately, that feeling of despair resulted in us crafting what we believe to be 4 very personal and powerful songs, and a concise display of our range as a band. From the intimacy of ‘Dissolve’ to the brutality of ‘Poison the Well’, we hope ‘Luminescent’ has something to connect with everyone.”

Off the back of a huge 2022 with a national tour and multiple sold out shows in Florida with bands like Dayseeker, Makari, We Came As Romans and more, Lost Trees presents Northern Lights - the final single off the new EP, Luminescent. For new fans, Luminescent is a crash course on the band’s style - flashy and complex, yet focused and catchy. Jumping from a post hardcore sing along to a blistering circle pit song, there’s something for everyone in the 4 song collection.

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