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Swancore fans, rejoice! Two of the genre’s standout bands, Properties Of Nature and Aluxes, have collaborated on a new EP that is sure to set listeners’ ears on fire. Their new single, “Chalupacabra”, is a definitive track featuring none other than Isaac Wilson of Dwellings. “Chalupacabra” showcases each band’s technical prowess and their strong desire to connect with their audience. With the soaring melodies that fans have come to expect from Properties Of Nature, paired with the intricate instrumentation favored by Aluxes, the song is both heavy and energetic.

“Starting with Properties of Nature setting a spooky/serious tone alongside Josh’s phenomenal vocals. I think the transition between that and Aluxes' lighthearted second half really fits the name “Chalupacabra” perfectly; half serious - half fun,” says Canyon Maloy of Properties of Nature. “Issac’s vocals were the cherry on top for us. We really feel like this track is the definitive song on the upcoming EP where each band could ‘strut their stuff’”

For those not in the know, Swancore is a music genre that is influenced by progressive rock, metal, and post-hardcore music. Bands in the genre are known for their technical skill and emotional intensity, and Properties Of Nature and Aluxes are no exception. With the new EP on the way, fans of the genre have plenty to look forward to.

“‘Chalupacabra’ was a joint effort as with the rest of our collaborative project, but in a much different way. We set out in this project to have at least one song split straight down the middle with both bands on each end doing their own thing, with all of their individual musicians on the track - and this is what we came up with,” Mark Taylor of Aluxes explains what sets this track apart from others on the upcoming EP, Odd Figures. “An awesome song with all eight individual members playing, singing and even a guest appearance from Isaac Wilson of Dwellings, bringing forth the most anticipated effort to come out of recording yet.”

Leveraging technical playing styles with the concepts of constant change, Properties Of Nature is a four piece progressive post-hardcore band based out of St.George, Utah. Aluxes is a progressive alternative rock band based in Bowling Green, KY. Situated midway between the music hubs of Nashville and Lexington, Aluxes blend elements of “swancore” with multi-member harmonies, funky grooves, and entertaining visuals to create a style completely their own.

The EP Odd Figures is set to be released May 12th, 2023. In the meantime, fans can enjoy this mesmerizing track featuring Isaac Wilson from Dwellings, which is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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