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Ripe Gives Us "All or Nothing"

Ripe comes out with their latest track All or Nothing ahead of their sophmore album coming in March.

This song is a bop and a half. We could not stop tapping and dancing along with this one. While they're labeled as alt-pop, you're to hear notes of jazz, pop and multiple influences in their sound. There's even some R&B and horns thrown in there.

March and April will see Rise hit the road, and round out the summer with three festival shows in July.

“We all have that one friend who truly embodies the hopeless romantic,” says lead singer Wulfsohn, “someone who loves so explosively that you almost find yourself rooting for them, because it would be the most wonderful thing if love was actually something we could get completely lost in, something that could hold us completely. This song was written on a day that our hopeless romantic was unsure if his latest love was ending, and was then in part recorded on what turned out to be the last day me and my now-ex were in the same room while in that relationship, singing about a friendship in my life that at that moment felt like it was in a state of collapse. We feel there’s an earned edge of desperation in the call for ‘All or Nothing,’ and we hope this song can help in the moments where you want to scream out of equal parts confusion and love.”

Check this one out and clear some dancing space.




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