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"Sick" Now Out From Anna Shoemaker

The overtly experimental Anna Shoemaker released “Sick!” a single that follows her theme of distressed love. Singing “I could get my shit together/But I just don't want to/Is it sick I like missing you?” Shoemaker is transparent in capitalizing on her pain; however, highly vulnerable in allowing music to be her emotional outlet. Listeners can comprehend the nostalgic feeling of emotional pain, some of us secretly enjoy it; however, the question remains on the sanity of that enjoyment. We’re all a little messed up, right? This is where Shoemaker truly connects with us; she is not afraid to go there.

The instrumental is classic new era Shoemaker. She provides a mix of modern electronic sounds with old school dance beats. Allowing the listener to bop their head and easily dance along with the tempo, Shoemaker has created an explosive single between the exposed lyrics and the high-energy beat of the instrumental. It will stick with you after one listen.

Check out Sick on Spotify and follow Anna Shoemaker on Facebook and Instagram

By: Kaitlin Fritts


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