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The Jess Olson Band Helps Us Get "Lost In It All"

The Jess Olson Band comes at us with such a relatable song. Have you ever been lost in a song or moment? That one moment, that one song, that can transport you to a place where nothing else in the world matters except the way you’re feeling. That’s what she sings about in their latest single “Lost In It All”.

We’ve all been stuck in for so long, and just now getting to really go out and enjoy live events again. This song talks about not being able to go out and working hard, so let’s just enjoy the night and get lost in the music and whatever events happen in a night. Go see some live music, hit up a bar or grab a drink.

Coming in strong right out of the gate with a killer guitar to set the tone of the music. The music is catchy and easy to listen to, while keeping the listeners in upbeat spirits. With a song about the joys of having a night out, the Jess Olson Band has paired the music phenomenally with the theme and tone.

Let’s address one of the most powerful things in this song: Jess Olson’s voice. Starting off slow and fun, but you can tell there is power in her vocals. As the first chorus hits, so does the powerhouse of her voice. Each chorus gets bigger than the last until the end when the full potential of her voice comes billowing out of the speakers. Couple that with the harmonies throughout the entire song, and you have a glorious new song to get stuck in your head.

We all have to let loose and just get lost in the moment sometimes. Get lost in your own moment and lost in this song.

Be sure to follow the band on Spotify and Facebook so you’ll know as soon as this drops on January 24th.

By: Amanda Epstein



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