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11 Year-Old Alana Cruz-Ehrlich Releases A Christmas Song

By: Tyrelle Lee

An 11-year old charismatic vocalist has a bright future ahead of her and it only took seconds from me to realize the profound amount of potential resting at an expression that is quite soulful. Her tenacious voice reminds me of the sharp vocal presence of Mariah Carey. With an R&B inspired Christmas anthem for the ages, 11-year old Alana reminds us of the beauty that lies between Christmas and "underneath the tree" as family and friends gather for this loving occasion every year. The high-octave bells in the track 'Underneath The Tree' embraces the Christmas spirit and is assisted with a melodic piano rhythm and bassline. The aesthetically-designed cover art for the project profusely caught my attention. A harmonic, mesmerizing voice beyond her years will take Alana as far as she wants to go as well as her collaboration with Grammy-award winning producers and songwriters.


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