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New Release From Andrew Adkins

BY: Tyrelle Lee

Nashville-raised vocalist and songwriter Andrew Adkins expresses raw, rugged vocals on his hard rock and folk-influenced 8-track project entitled "The Echoist." With the opening of the first song, 'Mostly Ouroboros' Andrew introduces us to positive affirmations and uplifting lyrics with "Wake me up, pull me out of the gutter." He continues to open himself up to his audience in the next song 'Vagabond Shoes' professing "I need a connection, need a new sense of direction.. I've been speaking in echoes to myself." Tambourine claps and subtle guitar chord patterns create a jazzy feel that enlighten your feelings and emotions. Tempos begin to speed up and snare-clap patterns are nicely arranged with guitar melodies and bassline presence. A softer folk undertone is illustrated by the fifth song, 'Rumination Suite', which includes quotes, like "You can choose to radiate or burn out from your own flame." Andrew proclaims that "it's best to question why" in this age of information. I was intrigued by the effects of reverb and echo on the vocal harmonies on tracks, like 'Bitter Pills' and 'Prince Charming Slit His Throat" which particularly uses cello and violin chords to give the chorus a dramatic, suspenseful catch. Overall, the interplay of acoustic and electric guitar instruments combined with the psychedelic hard rock influenced vocals produces a carefully crafted quality of pure art.



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