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Liz Borden's New Album - Dancing On The Moon

Where she is now with her long time Career

By Stephen Jaccuzzo

We sat down with Liz Borden to talk to her about her new album, Dancing On The Moon.

RMM: I love your whole new album but want to first talk about the title track, Dancing On The Moon. This song is getting a lot of attention. I saw you did a pandemic video with The Man Band for this song and I have watch you go live on facebook during the pandemic and you end up playing the song up to three times by request. It's a beautiful song. What do you feel draws people in to it?

LB: I think at first it is the melodic guitar. Then it is the relatable theme. The lyrics. This song is for anyone that has ever experienced loss in any form. We have all experienced some form of loss. it can be a death, a relationship, a job loss. I am writing about the passing of loved ones in the song but people can come up with their own interpretation. Let's face it we have all been through alot lately. We have seen so much death. protests and change and yet there is hope. Hope and dreams keep us going. i find the song hopeful in a weird way.

RMM: I love the whole album. Every song has its own sound yet they all tie together. Its different than what i usually think of you releasing musically. The album ranges from rock, pop, americana to country. Even a little blues. How did this come about?

LB: I write all kinds of music and whatever comes out, and i like it, it's all cool. I write songs for other artists, movies and commercials. I even have had some Hip Hop on BET TV. These particular songs I wanted to keep. I got together at The Den Studios in North Reading, MA, with Doug Batchelder, Danny Modern and Corey Spingel and had fun. I wrote the songs and brought them in. We had a great time. Some songs we didn't even rehearse. We just played. them. One of my favorite recording sessions ever. Corey plays drums on all songs except Old Man. I suddenly thought I was a drummer and did those drum tracks however minimal. Trust me, I am no drummer! Danny, Doug and I played all the instruments and got creative. I do rock the triangle!

RMM: You recorded two covers on the album. Dead Flowers by The Rolling Stones and Here Comes The Rain Again by The Eurythmics. Both fantastic versions. Why did you pick those two covers?

LB: Thank you! I believe Danny Modern picked those songs out. I felt very musically flexible and said why not. Trust me I am not always musically flexible but when I play music with Daniel and Douglas, I go with it. Dead Flowers I had played many times in the past but the Annie Lennox song was more of a challenge and Im glad we went for it.

RMM: When I think about you and your music career which if I do the math, is over forty years, I think Punk, New Wave, Alternative and Rock. Is this CD your new musical direction?

LB: Over forty years? How can that be? Lets not do the math! I will not commit to any one musical direction at this point. Why bother? I play for me and hope others like it. Its my outlet. My therapy. I played certain styles for other people for so many years, I'm not doing it. Labels, producers, makeover people, lawyers. Fuck it. I don't need to do that any more. Im having lots of fun having no direction at all! So my new direction is no direction!

RMM: I have to ask you about the song No Way Outside. It has a boogie beat, with blues and some punk. How did that come about? Also is it about paranoia and maybe some mental health issues? PTSD?

LBB: All of the above would be correct! It just happened. Came out of me and got recorded. Simple. That one of my favorite songs on the album. Trust me I am not the poster child for mental health perfection but I get by. Life is hard. Moments are difficult. My life has been far from perfect but i am happy to be here and somewhat participating in the human race.

RMM: I heard you say in an interview that you wont play the song The Old Man out live. Why is that? What is that song about?

LB: You mean the saddest song ever written? I basically walked in the studio with lyrics my head and the guitar part going in circles all through me. walked in and recorded it. I had nothing planned and it was built as we went along. I am suddenly on drums. Danny is suddenly on keys, Doug was playing everything. and rocked the harmonica. It was wild! It would have to be performed perfectly if done live and would require all kinds of instruments or tracks to play along with. The song was about some time I spent talking to a Vietnam Vet one day. He was homeless. I thought he was stopping me for money but he just wanted to talk. So I sat down with him and talked. Then we had lunch together. We talked for about an hour. and a half He talked about his life before Vietnam. He talked about his kids and how he once had a family. He has kids somewhere. he talked about having no help and being let down. How the war and lack of support after the war affected his life. the song lyrics describe him. It's a very personal song. I take out talk very personally and hold it close to my heart.

RMM: You end every set with the song, Moonlight and Whiskey as well as putting different versions on your last three CDs. Why?

LB: Ending the set with it is simply because it's the perfect song to end a set with. People request Moonlight & Whiskey every show. The beauty of the song is that you can play it for as long or as short as you want to. We have played it anywhere between 4- 7 minutes. It's a good rocking song to jam on. Its a my Freebird! As far as having the song on CDS, again people like it and its fun to reinvent the song every time.

RMM: The pandemic has brought everything for you musically to a standstill. If you could do anything involving music right now, what would it be?

LB: I would gather everyone together and have a huge show. A big live jam with all my friends and favorite musicians. I really need to blow off some steam and that should do it! Play for hours!

RMM: Thank you for your time. Do you mind if I post the Lyrics to Dancing On The Moon here. I think we need them right now.

LB: Thank you and please do! Stay well.

Dancing on the moon

I didn’t pray before Today but you left me way too I guess a soul like you can’t stay In a world with little room I’ll see you one day but not to soon Look to the stars and I see you dancing on the moon

I didn’t pray before today -now the music fills my gloom Heavens a little fuller today- as I stare at the moon

I’ll see you one day but not to soon Look to the stars and I see you dancing on the moon

I didn’t pray before today but I really miss you my heart turned to dust and blew away Now my smile’s are so few

I’ll see you one day but not to soon Look to the stars and I see you dancing

I’ll see you one day but not to soon Look to the stars and I see you dancing on the moon

Original photo of Liz Borden by: Coleman Rogers Album cover and graphics by: Liz Borden


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