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A 90's Inspired Country Album From Mercy Bell

Mercy Bell released her album Golden Child at the beginning of August.

This album starts off with a traditional country twang to the music. The title track comes in with an upbeat tempo to grab listeners from the start. The next song “Big Sky, Open Wide” slows things down. She shares her sultry, crooning before punching up the beats with the next song in line. “Who Said We Were Friends” gets the toes tapping and the dancing begins. Singing from the perspective of a guy telling his friend to stop thinking about his girlfriend, she throws humor into the sensitive topic.

As a whole, the album flows from song to song and brings the listener along on a journey. Mercy is such a songwriter that she can take a heavy subject, like a break-up in “Codine” and make it less of a depressing song without losing the meaning behind her words. She paints visuals in the lyrics that are authentic and emotive.

There doesn’t seem to be a theme running through the seven tracks, yet they fit together. She writes from a place that brings out topics people can relate to. Her lyrics are simple to connect to as they tug at the heart and emotions. The ambiance on the album has an old-time, tin like sound which adds to the throwback sound.

As an openly queer artist, she is also participating in the annual pride festival in Nashville, TN in September. She is performing at the festival along with other artists such as Salt N Peppa and Kim Petras.

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