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A Ballad From The Childhood Of Emily Curtis

A smooth, relaxing guitar ballad for the nature wanderers and ocean viewers, Charleston, South Carolina native Emily Curtis delivers an inspirational flashback of her childhood with “Sandcastles.” Released May 20 on American Songwriter, with production by Micah Nichols (touring guitarist for NEEDTOBREATHE and writing credit with JohnnySwim). A nice, soothing tempo to match Emily’s soulful and sweet vocals takes listeners on a countryside stroll to where dreams are made of. Her memories speak to “It all starting with a kid and a dream, gotta shovel, she’s digging fast, just to prove to the world that she’s something...” We are all chasing what serves our happiness. I quote, “Get even higher, can’t even see the ground, but don’t know how to stop.” Her music video for “Sandcastles” will be released July 2nd and I expect a bright future for the harmonic expression that is Emily Curtis.

Check out "Sandcastles" and follow her on socials Facebook and Instagram

By: Tyrelle Lee


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