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A Chat With Ben Stalets

Ben Stalets released his new album ‘Everybody is Laughing’ on August 27th 2021. His new

album features songs such as ‘Everybody is Laughing’ and ‘Maybe Love Is Not All We Need’.

Ben is a rising star on the music scene and I was lucky enough to interview him about his


Amazing album Ben! What made you want to create the album "Everybody's Laughing"?

I was inspired to write the title track because of a Mark Twain quote “The secret source of

humor is not joy but sorrow, there is no laughter in heaven.”

When I read that I thought about the fact that everyone I know laughs, everyone I know

suffers so we’re all in this together. The songs written before that all made sense to go

under that umbrella.

What were your inspirations?

There’s so many inspirations I could talk to you all day about. But, my main focus was

proving that I was a good songwriter, being the most Ben I can be. I’m a funny, sad, happy,

empathetic… I run the gamut, and I think each song individually expresses that. I’m a better songwriter for it. But, this album proved to me I know what I’m doing and I should be doing it.

What song means the most to you lyrically?

"Maybe Love’s Not All We Need" should be the centerpiece for sure. As far as my favorite

lyric goes, it’s in "Real Love" - I say ‘you whisper to me how I die, but you bought the plot next to mine’ and I think I nailed it. Also, the line about Adam and Eve in EGBA is hilarious still to this day, when I’m performing.

How was it recording it during COVID?

Well, I’d love to blame how long I spent on the album on covid but it’s simply not true. We

were about 80% done once covid hit. Then it was touch and go. I don’t know how we did it, but Bunky (Hunt) and I forged though and we nailed it!

Are all the songs written from your experiences?

Most of them are. I wanted to keep this album as autobiographical as I could. I needed it at that time in my life, it was cathartic, therapeutic. Mythologizing myself and my girlfriend and preaching my half baked ideas to anyone that’d listen.

What song can you not wait to perform live?

All! My favorites to perform change often but I love them all. They all offer a part of me that I care about deeply.

What are you looking forward to with this album?

A booking agent. Do you know of a good one?

What will the next year be for Ben Stalets musically? What are you wanting this album to achieve for you?

2022 should hold a lot of touring, writing and another record, if covid allows. Otherwise, I

can confidently say a lot of writing.

By: Chloe Gudgin


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