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A DJ Group Going On Tour

Let's get to know a bit about ADVENTURE[S]. They're headed out on the road for the 10-year anniversary of their Robyn-themed show. You can find out all the details here.

What's your inspiration?

Russ: That moment in “Call Your Girlfriend” right in the middle of the final chorus when everyone air-drums. The feeling of absolute joy of singing your favorite song with your best friends. Robyn’s motto “have courage and be kind.”

Marley: The grungy basement dance parties I went to in college. The DJ was always the coolest person there, the person with the largest physical music collection (pre ipod, I’m old y’all). That and being a college DJ inspired me to listen to everything and really embrace my music nerd identity. I’ll listen to pretty much anything. We’re playing much nicer venues than those damp, airless basements but I hope we’re able to show folks that quality music comes before everything else and that’s why we do this.

What can fans expect at your shows?

Marley: The best Robyn tracks and remixes, plus high-energy pop music that will get you screaming “I love this song!” as soon as you hear it. This is a dance party for everyone–dress up or come as you are, dance a lot or a little, sing-scream-cry, make a bunch of new friends or keep dancing on your own.

what would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for your musical career?

Russ: Honestly, the same thing I am doing, which is holding down a day-career in social media and DJing at night. However, I would feel so much less fulfilled, as music is the release of everything that’s pent up in the day.

Marley: I’d be doing the same thing, just not having as much fun. Might get more sleep, I guess.

If you could go open for any artist, who would it be?

Russ: I should say Robyn, but we’ve kinda done that, or at least shared a stage with her, so I’ll say Tori Amos. But also The National, even though that wouldn’t really fit (or maybe it would?)

Marley: Robyn!! Or Carly Rae Jepsen or Lady Gaga. They all create fun, poppy, dancey songs that still speak to challenging universal experiences like love, heartbreak, identity, feeling alone, searching for validation. Their music makes you feel alive and seen with crying on the dance floor vibes.

What first got you into music?

Russ: Hearing Tori Amos for the first time.

Marley: Music has always been part of my life. My parents love music and I grew up hearing all kinds of music as a kid. I got to go to my first real concerts when I was 13– Green Day, then Tori Amos, then Alanis Morrissette. There’s something special about experiencing music with a bunch of other people and I’ve been chasing collective effervescence ever since.

Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

Russ: Reading, writing (I’m working on a book about fitness and spirituality), my pets, wine!

Marley: I produce immersive film events with BBQ Films, lead a 20-person camp at Burning Man, and try to make time for other creative projects. I’m always working on something fun with other creative people.

Which instrument is your favorite to perform?

Russ: I have a band on the side, we haven’t done anything in a minute but I truly like the capabilities of DAW/grabbing and sampling weird stuff and making pop music out of it!

What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

Russ: Music is an encapsulated emotion made universal.

What’s your process for dealing with performance anxiety?

-Russ: I try to vibe with the space, and with the crowd, on an individual level. It’s important to remember that even though I’m on stage, we’re all there for the same reason -- in that way it’s like everyone’s your best friend, at least for the experience you’re sharing that night. Hard to be freaked out about DJing your best friend’s party!

Marley: Margaritas, deep breaths, and perspective. People are coming to these parties to have a good time and dance–if that happens, they’re happy. Like Bob Ross says, “We don’t make mistakes–we just have happy accidents.” Happy accidents happen and are soon forgotten if you’re having a great time.

What are some artists you’re listening to right now?

Russ: Charli XCX. Girl_IRL. Sulene. Soul Glo.

What are you most excited about for this tour?

Marley: I’m thrilled to travel and bring this party to some new cities after two years of dancing on our own! We recently played Palm Springs and San Diego and saw some of the same faces in the audience for both events. Someone was even wearing a tee shirt from our first-ever tour in 2018 that they’d snagged in San Francisco! I love seeing the wonderfully diverse crowd that has connected through Robyn’s music and it’s amazing to connect and reconnect with folks across the country who love Robyn and dance-pop parties as much as we do.

Are you stopping in any new cities or visiting some old favorites?

Marley: Both! Holocene in Portland gets a special shout-out for having the most enthusiastic crowd that gets turnt the earliest. By 10pm, the Holocene is packed and they go hard til closing time. We’ll be returning to LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Tacoma, too, with some stops in Brooklyn and Jersey City, NJ, too. We just played San Diego for the first time and we’re visiting Austin, Dallas, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, and (fingers crossed) Stockholm, Sweden for their Pride celebration in August! Now that it’s safe to travel and get together, we’re trying to spread the Robyn Party love as far and wide as possible.



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