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A Genre Switch From Jordan Brooker

Jordan Brooker is taking a step out of his usual genre and sound on his latest track “Leonidas With A Smile”. He has had much success in his career in country music, and is now venturing into the realm of rock music. That transition has created a unique sound that lends towards the rock genre, but still has a hint of his country note. The music is more on the rock side, while his voice still shows some of the country attributes. Overall, his genre switch has been done very well.

The song starts off strong right away and makes a killer first impression. It’s a song that warrants jumping around the room while listening. The beat comes in strong and get’s the groove flowing. He goes back to the alt-rock of the early 2000’s with this release.

Jordan sings about being lost and trying to find motivation. The last year or so has not been easy for anyone, and this was no different for Brooker. He talks about shrugging the world off in his lyrics. This is his way of being true to himself and ignoring all of the outside influences.

Check out "Leonidas With A Smile" here and follow his socials


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