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A Great Release From Olakira Ahead Of His EP

By: Alexa Rose

This up-and-coming superstar named Olakira released a hip new afrobeat that will have you grooving along to the song.

This song, In My Maserati, includes a very hypnotizing beat that sounds very fresh and new. He also has very melodic vocals in the song as well. While not every word is understandable, that doesn't take away from the beat and overall quality of the track. I can picture a bright sunny day driving down a city street lined with palm trees; Olakira in the driver's seat singing this song. There is a techno element to the music that becomes part of the listener's rhythm.

This song is very up and coming and a great beat to play during a festival or a celebration. No wonder why it has had over 8 million plays on Spotify alone.

Almost a year old, this song is still growing. It is the lead up to the release of his upcoming EP entitled 4play.


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