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A Heartfelt New Release From Meredith Shock

By: Amanda Epstein

Meredith Shock brings all the emotions out with her single “Maybe This Isn’t Home”. Released on December 4th, just in time for the holidays.

From the first line she puts clear visuals in the listeners’ heads; like an old family movie. She takes the listener on a visual trip down memory lane as she describes things in her home.

In this world, the home you’re born into isn’t always the best one. Home truly is where you feel safe and loved. Home can also chance as you grow and develop. Your childhood home will always be a part of you, but it may not always be the home you need. As a queer artist, Meredith truly hits a note that can be very personal for some people in this song. While this was not the case for her, many young adults are pushed out of their homes because of their sexual orientations, and find new homes where they are accepted and loved.

The track has a simple beat that works well. Having a simple, yet catchy, musical track allows for the visuals and emotions in the song to be in the spotlight. The message in this song is poignant and heartfelt.


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