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A Humorous Look At Isolation

When you hear the word tourist, what image comes to mind? Do you see the stereotypical tourist with their camera and bright patterned shirts? What about New York City? Let Carissa Johnson's new video for "Tourist" take your imagination on a trip into Times Square.

The last 2 years have been a wild ride. Many people were stuck at home in what was basically an isolation situation. Their homes, and minds, became something new and changed before their eyes. Something so familiar, yet now so foreign. Most people had the opportunity to spend solid amounts of time in their homes and get creative; transforming some part of it. At the same time, they had the chance to go within themselves and become more attune with themselves. This is what Carissa is singing about in this latest release off of her album "Blue Hour". It was such a time that so many became tourists in their own homes and minds.

A techno opening begins the song bringing in some fun right from the start. The very first line of the verse talks about blowing speakers to drown out the world; bringing us all back to a time when music could drown out the noise. Upbeat rhythm, dance vibes and clever lyricism combine to create a song that will have you thinking and chucking as you watch.

While the theme of being a tourist in your home is unique, so is the concept behind this video. Shot simply with Carissa milling about her home and hanging on the couch while various characters come to visit. That cowboy in Time Square with a guitar wearing stars and stripes, the tourists with cameras and bright colors, the construction worker that seems to be everywhere in the city, and even some large characters in full body muppet costumes.



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