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A New Release From Feather

Promising musician Feather blends the wonders of nature and human connection

together on his sophomore EP We Are For Each Other, marrying an expansive

range of genres and moods together in a delicate seven-track collection.

With an overarching theme rooted in tranquillity and chaos of nature, the tracks are a

versatile bunch courtesy of Feather but of the collaborative touches of Badnights,

TRØVES, Sintra, Lockbox, SEGØ, 44hydra and Lumasi.

From the soft yet upbeat opener “Glaciers,” the husky feel of “Let Go,” the airy yet

lush soundscape of “Tell Me,” right to the distorted but pleasant style of closer and

title track “We Are for Each Other,” the EP is stocked with atmospheric and

transportive sonics that leave us wanting more of Feather’s artistry built upon

experimentation and a free-flowing hypnotic quality.

Having started off as part of an indie pop band before finding his love for electronic

music, Feather has found a space for himself in music with smooth blend of both

genres. With the ability to balance darker infusions of electronic music with the

vibrant pop melodies, Feather is well on his way to stardom

Connect with Feather : Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud



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