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A New Video From AJ Wander

AJ Wander has just released a YouTube video for his latest single, 'Eye to Eye'. Garnering 3 million streams on Spotify and over 175K monthly listeners, 'Eye to Eye' is the newest track to follow his debut single, 'Time Out'. As a result of the UK lockdown, pop singer Wander focused his time and efforts on his music, which subsequently got him signed to US management company, Elevation and a publishing deal with BDi Music. He is definitely an artist to look out for!

Wander's personal experience with a problematic relationship inspired the song. 'I wrote Eye to Eye whilst sat on my bed in the middle of the night last year. My girlfriend and I were fighting a losing game, and we couldn't pretend to be OK anymore. It was a moment of realization, we're broken and the pieces couldn't be glued back together. It's me finally being able to step back from the chaos of our relationship and see the toxic cycle we'd fallen into; we fought because we were numb, and we were numb because we fought. All we ever wanted was trouble.'

Wander beautifully portrayed his story in the video. The music video was directed by Louis Berry who's also worked with prominent pop singers, including JP Cooper and Emily Burns. Berry helped Wander express the narrative visually as well as musically. For instance, there were repeated scenes of him looking out the window and his girlfriend kissed his cheek. It seemed to be referencing 'the toxic cycle' he had fallen into and the inability to escape from the unhealthy environment. There were also scenes of the couple profusely arguing that potentially refers to how they were 'fighting a losing game'.

Produced by Brad Mair (Dean Lewis, Jamie Cullum), the song was beautifully created. The lyrics and diction flowed easily throughout the song. His vocals are dynamic and filled with painful emotion. Overall, a fantastic song! Can’t wait to see what’s next for AJ Wander!

Check out the video

By: Victoria Davies


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