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A New Video Release from STUNTDRIVER

By: Amanda Epstein

StuntDriver released their new song Fugitive on October 2nd, with the animated video following on the 23rd. Patricia Luna, who has worked with Beck, lends her talent to the animations of this video. This is a video targeting the dance-rock audience.

Fugitive is a song written by the lead singer, Kym Priess. She was also the mastermind behind the conception of this animated video.

The animation in the video is creative and colorful, with a distinctive style that is rarely seen in music videos. As the song progresses, the video literally depicts the story. One of the first lines in the song talks about a “monkey on your back” while the depiction of the character’s face resembles a monkey.

Not exactly a lyric video, but some of the lyrics do come across the screen at specific times. Most of the words that flash are the ends of sentences; serving to highlight those points. Visuals are direct representations of the lyrics in the song. During the sections of the song that talk about “running like a fugitive”, the viewer sees various animated purple women running across the screen.

While most of the video is in an animated style, there are live shots thrown in. Some scenes have televisions as the background, giving the ability to showcase the live footage. This band is known for their elaborate stage production and antics. In an animated video, the true personality of the band’s stage show can get lost. These glimpses allow the viewer to get a look at what the band really looks like on stage, instead of just seeing the animations.






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